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The Journey of Christina Chobot, Our Talented Mural Artist

The Journey of Christina Chobot, Our Talented Mural Artist

Step into a world of art and jazz at The Jazz Kitchen, where the stunning mural adorning our walls is a testament to the incredible talent of Indianapolis-based Christina Chobot, one of our very own hospitality attendants.  Christina Chobot, who also created the iconic “trombone wall” outside the club, possesses an extraordinary artistic ability that has captured the hearts of our patrons. We’re thrilled to introduce you to the talented artist behind these masterpieces and share some insights into her creative journey.

Christina Chobot: The Multi-Talented Attendant and Artist

Christina Chobot is not just a skilled attendant at The Jazz Kitchen; she’s a multi-talented individual who wears many hats. When she’s not busy ensuring our guests have an exceptional dining experience, she dedicates her free time to her true passion: art. Christina’s artistic talents shine through her incredible mural, which is now a focal point of our establishment, as well as the mesmerizing “trombone wall” that greets our guests outside.

A Journey of Art and Inspiration

Christina’s journey into the world of art started from a very young age. She recalls her early years when she began drawing pictures of things she liked, including a memorable squirrel with five legs and twenty-one toes at the age of four. Her creative spark was fueled by her mother, a creative woman who used to decorate bulletin boards for a local elementary school. Christina admired her ability to create images on larger canvases than just 8×10 paper.
Her passion for art evolved over the years, and she didn’t start painting until her 12th-grade, but it was a love she fell deeply in love with.

The Creation of the Mural and “Trombone Wall”

Christina’s artistic journey for The Jazz Kitchen’s mural began with meticulous planning. She took measurements, set the mood with jazz music, and sketched out her vision. Afterward, she sanded and formed the panels, gathering materials and mixing different colored paints using latex house paints. Although she initially attempted to project the image onto the wall, she found it too distorted, leading her to rely on a trusty yardstick, pencil, painter’s tape, and circular objects from The Jazz Kitchen to trace around.

Inspired by Jazz and The Jazz Kitchen

When asked about her inspiration, Christina shared that it was rooted in jazz music and the lively atmosphere of The Jazz Kitchen itself. Dave, the owner, had asked her to create something colorful and perhaps a bit abstract. To translate the essence of jazz music into an image, Christina aimed to capture the unpredictable nature of the genre. The result was a kaleidoscope of colors bursting with shapes and abstracted instruments, reflecting the vibrant and harmonious chaos of jazz.

Pride in the End Result

Reflecting on the mural’s completion, Christina expressed her satisfaction, noting its “nice visual rhythm.” She shared her hope that the Jazz Kitchen community could see the music within the mural, echoing the dynamic spirit of jazz. Christina’s happiness lies in the ability of her art to convey the essence of the music and the ambiance of The Jazz Kitchen.


Visit The Jazz Kitchen to Experience Art and Music

We invite you to visit The Jazz Kitchen to experience Christina’s mesmerizing artworks up close. Her creations aren’t just pieces of art on our walls; they are labors of love that represent the creativity and passion of one of our own team members. When you step into The Jazz Kitchen, you’ll be transported into a world of jazz and art, all thanks to Christina’s incredible talent.


The Power of Local Talent

Christina’s journey as a mural artist reminds us of the immense talent that often goes unnoticed within our local communities. By supporting local artists and showcasing their work, we not only enhance the aesthetics of our establishment but also contribute to the vibrant arts and culture scene in our area.

A Reflection of Our Values

The murals embody the values that The Jazz Kitchen holds dear – a love for music, community, and creativity. They are visual representations of the immersive experience we aim to provide to our guests. We believe that art has the power to connect people, and Christina’s murals do just that, creating a sense of belonging and inspiration.
In conclusion, we’re incredibly proud to have Christina Chobot as a part of our team at The Jazz Kitchen. Her dual role as an attendant and a gifted artist exemplifies the diversity and talent within our staff. We encourage you to come and witness her remarkable murals in person and be a part of the artistic journey that adds a unique charm to our establishment. Christina’s murals are not just pieces of art; they are symbols of our commitment to the arts and our dedication to offering a memorable experience to our guests.
So, next time you visit The Jazz Kitchen, take a moment to admire the murals, both inside and out, and you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the talent and passion that go into creating the ambiance we’re known for. We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the joy of art, music, and community at The Jazz Kitchen!


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