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As the stars align with Indianapolis' first solar eclipse in 819 years, the Jazz Kitchen Experience embarks on our 30-year-anniversary. It is our commitment to make this the year of memorable jazz! For us this year, it's all about giving - giving you unforgettable memories, exceptional jazz, and a reason to revel in the Jazz Kitchen Experience.

A quarter century on the music scene in Indianapolis, Indy Jazz Fest 2023 presented a lineup of concerts across two weeks in late September with a diversity of international, national, and regional performers, various venues across our city, and offering the many threads of jazz from BeBop to Latin jazz to touches of soul and even rock.

Bottle service from The Jazz Kitchen is the perfect way to enjoy our Latin Dance Party. We feature a wide selection of popular spirits, select mixers, and attentive service. Don't forget we have a VIP area. Cost is $100 for the table for up-to-six people plus a $200 speed required.

Friday – Wednesdays
doors at 5p for dinner
doors at 6p for dinner
Showtime & Pricing
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5377 N College Avenue,
IN 46220