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Celebrating the Holiday Season @The Jazz Kitchen

Celebrating the Holiday Season @The Jazz Kitchen

It is December 2023, and the holiday melodies of Big Bands, the melodic soul sounds of Stephanie Allen-Stevenson, and a sing-along with Wendy Reed invite us to immerse in the festive spirit like never before. Like every December for the past 29 years, The Jazz Kitchen beckons, promising the unforgettable experience of live music, unique cuisine, and holiday cheer. As we embark on this year’s celebration, we reflect on The Jazz Kitchen’s rich history, a place where holiday entertainment feels like home. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal patrons and our dedicated team for their unwavering commitment to this special tradition.


Taking a stroll down memory lane to the early days when The Jazz Kitchen first opened its doors during the holidays, I remember our family and our friends poured hearts into establishing a haven where holiday revelers could find solace in the midst of festive chaos. The challenges faced during those initial years only fueled our passion, making The Jazz Kitchen’s commitment to creating a home-like atmosphere for holiday enthusiasts even more steadfast. Today, as we close in on 30 years, the initial vision remains the beating heart of our club.

Our holiday magic wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated team members who have been the backbone of The Jazz Kitchen over the years. From servers and bartenders to the behind-the-scenes maestros, each person plays a crucial role in crafting memorable experiences for our patrons. The dedication and camaraderie of our staff contribute immeasurably to the club’s welcoming atmosphere, making every visitor feel like part of the Jazz Kitchen family.

Clients have made our holiday tradition a part of their own too. We’ve been privileged to witness the growth of beautiful relationships over the years. Long-time patrons have shared heartwarming testimonials, photos, and quotes that capture the essence of what makes The Jazz Kitchen a home away from home during the holiday season.

As we look to the future, The Jazz Kitchen remains committed to carrying on the legacy of jazz entertainment. Check out our upcoming events, special performances, holiday menu and drinks, designed to keep the spirit alive and thriving.

We celebrate 29 years of holiday cheer at The Jazz Kitchen, we extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this remarkable journey – our patrons, our team, and of course the great talent that graces our stages.. The Jazz Kitchen is more than a venue; it’s a celebration of jazz, joy, community, and the magic of the holiday season. Can’t wait to celebrate this month with you, every note, every bite, and every moment is crafted to make this holiday season truly special. Book your holiday celebrations with us today and be part of the magic!

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