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Monday Night Jazz Jam Session


The Century-Long Indy Tradition That Lives on at The Jazz Kitchen

When a “case of the Mondays” involves live music in Indianapolis, sign us up.

As jazz music lovers in this city, we’re all about Mondays, and at The Jazz Kitchen, we kick off the work week with the Monday Night Jazz Jam sessions. Our free jam night shines a spotlight on local musicians eager to share their skills with a crowd ready to listen and discover their new favorites.

Jazz jam sessions are nothing new to Indianapolis. Local musicians gathering to play together in local venues began a century ago, and today institutions like The Jazz Kitchen keep the tradition alive. As part of a jazz jam session, musicians quickly meet and gather before taking the stage, letting improvisation take the lead once they’re in front of the audience. It’s been called a “musical celebration of mentorship, community and the art of listening.”

The Monday Night Jazz Jam sessions at The Jazz Kitchen are anchored by a power trio comprised of some of the most established names in the Indy jazz scene. Keyboardist Kevin Anker, bassist Fred Withrow, and percussionist Mike Kessler provide the rhythm section for a broad range of musicians who bring their instruments and incredible voices to The Jazz Kitchen. It’s not uncommon for a three-minute track to evolve into a 10-minute burner that takes the audience by storm.

And no two nights at Monday Night Jazz Jam are alike. We’ve enjoyed surprise drop-in sets from hometown legends like Clifford Ratliff and Everett Greene and welcomed new talent ready to perform publicly for the first time.

Monday Night Jam Sessions at The Jazz Kitchen are free and require no additional admission or ticket purchases, making it a perfect night out for dinner and jamming. To join us for dinner and celebrate local music, click here.

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